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Joint Replacement Surgery

Replacing joints devastated by Arthritis (knee, hip) has been proven therapy for more than 30 years. Joint replacement has helped thousands crippled by arthritis, injury and disease to walk more freely without pain, and allowed them to enjoy life free of the ravages of arthritic destruction. The most common joint replacement operations are Total Knee Replacement and Total Hip Replacement. These two procedures provide a safe, reliable means of easing pain and helping patients return to an active life.

Patients suffering from the early stages of osteoarthritis of the knee, may find a solution in alternative Minimally Invasive Surgeries (MIS) (knee, hip), such as the Uni-compartmental Knee Replacement, and the Unispacer Knee System. On the hip side a new technique, the MIS Two-Incision Hip, may be an alternative.

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