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When is a Hip Replacement Necessary?

Normal HipConditions which cause destruction of the joint with loss of the normal cartilage (the normal smooth lining of the joint) may be treated with a total hip replacement.

The doctor must determine that there is no useful life left in your hip and that nonsurgical treatment would not significantly reduce the pain you may be having. Diseases such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, prior injury or an old infection can cause damage resulting in the need for hip replacement.

Hip with ArthritisWhen the x-ray shows severe destruction of the joint, you must decide if the degree of pain experienced is severe enough that you are prepared to undergo the operation. We feel that if you have significantly altered your life style and are not able to do the things you enjoy doing or must do on a daily basis, or your pain is uncontrolled with non-narcotic medications, the risks of surgery are acceptable to allow you to return to a more active life style. Your age is not a consideration in this decision.

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