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Your Physical Therapy

A physical therapist works with you throughout your hospital stay. If possible, the therapist will see you prior to surgery to familiarize you with the exercise program. As soon as you awaken from surgery, your leg may be in the continuous passive motion machine (CPM). You should begin as soon as possible to tighten the muscles of your thigh (quadriceps) and your calf muscles (gastrocs). The therapist will see you the day after surgery to help with these exercises and help you to sit up on the side of the bed.

Your therapy program begins the second day following your surgery. The therapy program is designed to improve your knee strength and stability. Many patients find that gym clothes or shorts are more comfortable than pajamas for their exercise sessions.

The occupational therapist helps determine what special devices you may need at home to help you in your daily activities. This may include an elevated commode seat or shower bench.

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