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Follow Up Doctor Appointment

Follow-up visits are extremely important after joint replacement surgery so that the condition of your new implant can be monitored at scheduled intervals. Visits are scheduled for six weeks, three months, and annually after surgery. The same x-ray techniques are used at each visit, so that the x-rays can be properly compared to earlier x-rays and subtle changes identified.

If your sutures are in when you leave the hospital, you should make an appointment to return to your doctor’s office within one week of discharge to have them removed. If these were removed before you left the hospital, your doctor will need to see you in about six weeks.

The wound does not need to be covered, but if you like, you can cover it with a light gauze dressing. If there is drainage from the wound, it should be cleaned several times per day with peroxide and a fresh dressing applied.

Once you have had a total joint replacement, it is necessary for you to see your doctor every year for life. This is extremely important as it allows us to detect any problems that may occur at the earliest possible date. If you live out of state, or if you move, please let us know. We want to maintain contact with you and we can refer you to a physician in your area with expertise in total joint replacement.

You should always tell your dentist or physician that you have an artificial joint. Please take this booklet with you when you see your doctor or dentist in case he has questions about antibiotics.

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